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The story of Ch Prince George o'Page's Hill ROM and his litter brother, Ch Timberidge Tempation ROM, could be said to have begun with Betty Whelan's purchase of Ch Adorable of Anahassitt and Artful Dodger of Anahassitt when failing health forced Mrs. Dreer to cut back on her Anahassitt Kennels. When Betty mated the two, one of the puppies was a tricolor piebald (registered as white and black.) This puppy was purchased by Mrs Constance MacMaster, better known to Sheltie people today as Connie Hubbard. Connie had bred white Collies, and wanted to establish a white strain in Shelties. She named the piebald puppy Astolat Lady Harlequin, and bred her to Ch Peabody Pan  in 1935. (A later breeding, to Astolat Adonis, produced the predominantly white Astolat Snow White.) A sable and white puppy from the first litter, Pandora of Pocono, came back to Betty Whelen.

Betty and Dorothy Foster of Timberidge did a lot of dog swapping in those years, and Pandora was with Dot when she was bred to Ch Merrymaker of Pocono CD ROM to produce the lovely Ch Timberidge Temptress, whelped in 1939. Temptress was bred to Ch Kalandar Prince o'Page's Hill, and the resulting litter, whelped June 9, 1942, included Ch Prince George o'Page's Hill ROM, who went to Page's Hill, and Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM, both sables. Both dogs finished their Championships in 1944.

It is worth pointing out that up to that time, Betty Whelen was working primarily with a combination of her own Peabody imports, based on combinations of Chestnut cross and Teena cross lines, and descendants of the Anahassitt imports from Houghton Hill lines, heavily based on Nut of Houghton Hill, the "wee one" from the Chestnut cross. While her lines carried Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield  and Ch Ashbank Fairy  through Anahassitt Atalanta ROM, her lines had nothing like the inbreeding on the Wee Laird being carried out at Page's Hill. The mating that produced Prince George and his brother represented a crossing of two different strains coming down from the Chestnut collie cross, Page's Hill tightly linebred on the Blaeberry offspring (and suspected of some undeclared Collie crosses,) and Pocono more loosely bred on a broader base. In the best cases this cross combined the head qualities of Page's Hill with the sound body and temprament of the Poconos.

Prince George does not seem to have been considered an important sire at Page's Hill, possibly because he was only half Page's Hill in breeding. Mary van Wagenen thought she had once seen a photo of Pince George and Temptation together as puppies, but she could not find a copy and does not think any other photos were ever taken. He did sire 13 Champions, only 2 of whom carried the Page's Hill suffix. By far the most important of these was A/C Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM, who played a major role at Sea Isle. Prince George heads Line CHE Part IIc, which traces entirely to his son Note, and is in Family 6.

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Production Record of Ch Prince George o'Page's Hill ROM

1. Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM (D) (ex Nashcrest Rhythm)
2. Ch Bradford King O' Page's Hill (D) (ex Ch Chosen Damsel O' Page's Hill 4-47)
3. Ch Count Rinaldo O' Page's Hill CDX (D) (ex Britomart O' Page's Hill)
4. Ch Katie-J's Royal Ace (D) (ex Katie-J's Lucky Charm)
5. Ch Lee Brae's Gay Cockade (D) (ex Chestnut Burr Merry Gold 4-48)
6. Ch Lee Brae's Georgie Porgie (D) (ex Chestnut Burr Maid O' Gold 3-49)
7. Ch Lee Brae's Little Miss Muffet (B) (ex Chestnut Burr Merry Gold 4-48)
8. Ch Lovely Chorale of Hobby Ho (B) (ex Bare Foot Lady 8-44)
9. Ch Nightfall of Perkasie (D) (ex Aurelia of Perkasie)
10. Ch Of All Delight of Perkasie (B) (ex Aurelia of Perkasie)
11. Ch Parson of Kenloch (D) (ex Queen Mab O' Page's Hill)
12. Ch Pixie Dell Royal Jester (D) (ex Ch Pixie Dell Theme Song)
13. Ch Somber Chorale of Hobby Ho (B) (ex Bare Foot Lady 8-44)

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