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History of Ch Elf Dale Viking ROM

Ch Elf Dale Viking ROM was a sable dog, bred by Frances L. Sanders from Ch Noralee Forecaster ex Ch Elf Dale Heidi CD and whelped June 29, 1958. He was the sire of 18 Champions. "Viking" was at one time the top winning Sheltie, with 173 Best of Breed wins between 1959 and 1969. He is Line CHE Part IIa and Family 2 Part V.

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          Ch Noralee Bronze Nugget
               Timberidge Tessa
     Ch Noralee Forecaster
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Ch Elf Dale Viking ROM
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     Ch Elf Dale Heidi
               Sea Isle Dappled Grey
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Producing Record of Ch Elf Dale Viking ROM

1. Ch Blucreek's If I Had My Way (B) (ex Blucreek's Cheatin' Heart 2-65)
2. Ch Clelland's First Impression (D) (ex Starwood Starlight 10-58)
3. Ch Elf Dale Wee Warrior (D) (ex Ger-Yon's Captain's Jubilee 1-68)
4. Ch Elf Dale Captain's Choice (D) (ex Playmate's Prima Dona CD 4-65)
5. Ch Elf Dale Golden Legacy (D) (ex Ch Elf Dale Adorable Doll)
6. Ch Elf Dale Golden Glow (B)
7. Ch Elf Dale Mr. Wonderful (D) (ex Merrydale 12-61)
8. Ch Elf Dale My Fair Lady (B) (ex Oak-Lawn's Golden Nymph CD 10-59)
9. Ch Elf Dale Pride of Dale (B) (ex Elf Dale Gidget 6-60)
10. Ch Elf Dale Spartacus (D) (ex Elf Dale Little Doll 9-61)
11. Ch Richmore Fascinating Lady (B) (ex Ch Richmore Repeat Performance ROM)
12. Ch Richmore Stylish Miss (B) (ex Ch Richmore Repeat Performance ROM)
13. Ch Starcastle Angelic Vixen (B) (ex Starcastle Pen'L'Pe Angel-Face 10-62)
14. Ch Starcastle My Valiant Laddie (D) (ex Starcastle Pen'L'Pe Angel-Face)
15. Ch Starcastle Vanity Fair Angel (B) (ex Starcastle Pen'L'Pe Angel-Face 10-62)
16. Ch Tiger Adonis (D) (ex Forecaster Golden Dawn 5-64)
17. Ch Viking's Tamerlark O'Sherwood (B) (ex Bonny Laurie O'Sherwood 6-62)
18. Ch Zelbrae Sugar N' Spice (B) (ex Zelbrae Fanfare 8-70)
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