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Barwoods Formal Attire ROM was a tricolor dog bred by Barbara Thompson (Barwood) and whelped May 13, 1980. "Rocky" was by [Ch] Banchory Formal Notice ROM ex Chosen Ami o'Barwood, and sired 24 Champions. He is Line CHE Part IIb (Wee Laird) and Family 2 Part V (Fairy)

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               Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM
          Banchory Reflection ROM
               Banchory High Glow
     [Ch] Banchory Formal Notice ROM
               Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM
          Ch Banchory Arabesque
               Banchory High Glow
Barwoods Formal Attire ROM
               Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM
          Ch Calcurt Luke ROM
               Calcurt Black Angie
     Chosen Ami o'Barwood
               Am/Mex/Int Ch Macdega The Chosen CD
          Scarlet Oak Highly Chosen
               September's Highly Likely

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Producing Record of Barwoods Formal Attire ROM

1. Ch Barwoods Magic Moment (D) (ex Brandywine Bianca Barwood 4-82)
2. Ch Barwoods Special Effects (B) (ex Ch Barwoods Rhapsody ROM)
3. Ch Bryna Valedictorian (D) (ex Bryna Manifest Destiny 8-82)
4. Ch Cameo A Piece Of The Rock (D) (ex Roranjoli's Bi Popular Demand 11-78)
5. Ch Cameo Blue Print of Tobruk (D) (ex Cameo Chantilly Lace 12-82)
6. Ch Cameo Formal Lace (B) (ex Cameo Chantilly Lace 12-82)
7. Ch Cameo Nick In Time (D) (ex Cameo Chantilly Lace 12-82)
8. Ch Catomco's Doc Holiday (D) (ex Catomco's Judy Holiday 10-81
9. Ch Catomco's Hanna Holiday (B) (ex Catomco's Judy Holiday 10-81)
10. Ch Crisara After Hours (D) (ex Tull E Ho's Sand Pebble 1-80)
11. Ch Crisara Celebrity O' Barwood (B) (ex Tull E Ho's Sand Pebble 1-80)
12. Ch Crisara Run For The Roses (B) (ex Crisara Sand Castles 1-85)
13. Ch Fennecus First Things First (B) (ex Macdega No Matter What 1-83)
14. Ch Lynlea's Parade Dress (D) (ex Ch Lynnlea Forever Amber CD 9-78)
15. Ch Macdega Norma Kamali (B) (ex Ch Nervina's Rhapsody In Blue 2-82)
16. Ch Mainstay Pieces of Dreams (B) (ex Mainstay Almost Like A Song 10-80)
17. Ch Patoo Will Try Tri Again CD (B) (Barwoods Between Friends (Can)
18. Ch Sundial Triumph (D) (ex Ch Noradel's The Betsy 6-81)
19. Ch Tantera's Irish Eyes (B) (ex Ch Windhover Zelda's Song 1-82)
20. Ch Tantera Merri Lon's Destiny (D) (ex Ch Windhover Zelda's Song 1-82)
21. Ch Tarran's Sweet Yesterdays (B) (ex Banchory Blue Bayou O'Tarran 9-79)
22. Ch Wabeek D. M. Tiffanie (B) (ex Ch Kell Midnight Abduction CD 11-80)
23. Ch Willow Wand A Touch of Class (B) (ex Ch Willow Wand Touch O'Talyin 5-79)
24. Ch Willow Wand Baymar Black Onyx (B) (ex Ch Willow Wand Touch O'Talyin 5-79)

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