Chestnut Rainbow

This tricolor dog is behind sire line CHE, which includes almost all modern US Shelties and a few modern British dogs. He was never registered, but appears on numerous import pedigrees as by Irvine Ronnie ex Chestnut Lassie, both registered Shelties and full siblings, though from different litters. While an exact birthdate is not available, Chestnut Rainbow's dam was whelped in March, 1921, and he had puppies on the ground early in 1924, so 1922 seems a good guess for his birth year. Although Chestnut Rainbow sired a number of litters out of different bitches, his most critical litters were out of a Collie bitch, Chestnut Sweet Lady, who "officially" was a full sister of his dam, Chestnut Lassie. The first of these litters, with dam given as Chestnut Sweet Lady, included the dogs:

and the bitches

all of whom bred on heavily. Chestnut Rainbow was also bred to a bitch called Rubislaw Lady Fayre, who is believed in truth to be the Collie, Chestnut Sweet Lady, under another name. This time the result was the outstanding producing bitch, Eng Ch Tilford Tontine, the first and for many years the only British bitch to produce four Champions (and a fifth who finished in the US.) She headed Family 4. Chestnut Rainbow's other offspring appearing in modern pedigrees are:

Note that Houghton Hill, breeder of five of the Shelties above, also linebred heavily on Chestnut Rainbow's son, Nut of Hought Hill (sometimes referred to as the "wee one" of the litter.)

Chestnut Rainbow's contribution to modern US lines through all of the above can hardly be overestimated. This dog appears as many as two million times in some modern pedigrees, and most modern Shelties are very close to 23% Chestnut Rainbow.

Chestnut Rainbow:

Because Chestnut Rainbow is so near the head of modern Sheltie pedigrees, I have set up a full pedigree, with links to the actual registration information on registered ancestors.

                Nesting Topper (unr)
            Ashbank Olla
                Nesting Lassie (unr)
        Berryden Prince
                      Robertson's Trim
                   Lerwick Siguard
                        Cary II (unr)
                Ashbank Roy
                        Titch (unr)
                    Braehead's Lass (?)
                        Ogre (unr, Fam 14)
            Berryden Nellie
                        Laddie (unr)
                    Jim or Trim (robertson's)
                        Olive (unr)
                Dunrossness Queen
                    Flora (unr)
    Irvine Ronnie
                        Help (unr)
                    Dunrossness Ronald
                                Laddie (unr)
                           Jim or Trim (Robertson's)
                               Olive (unr)
                        Dunrossness Queen
                           Flora (unr)
                Ashbank Laddie
                    Mathewson's Fanny (unr)
            Elsick Beauty
                                        Thor (unr)
                                    Jake (unr)
                                        Madge (unr)
                                Berry (unr)
                                        Jack (unr)
                                    Inga (unr)
                                        Berrie (unr)
                            Lerwick Jarl (unr)
                                        Mick (unr)
                                    Joe (unr)
                                        Thub (unr)
                                Bee (unr)
                                        Fettor (unr)
                                    Fancy (unr)
                                        Old Bab (unr)
                        Lerwick Hakon
                            Lerwick Mira (unr)
                    Lerwick Tweed
                        Lerwick Daisy (unr)
                    Wait (unr)
        Chestnut Queenie
               Highland Flugga (unr)
           Lily (unr)
               Fanny (F 3)
Chestnut Rainbow
    Chestnut Lassie (full sibling to Chestnut Rainbow's sire, Irvine Ronnie)

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