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History of Ch Banchory the Cornerstone ROM

Ch Banchory the Cornerstone ROM: Sable dog, bred by Paul and Donna Tidswell (Banchory) and whelped March 6, 1975. Sire: Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM; dam: Banchory High Glow. Sire of 11 Champions. He is Line CHE Part IIe and Family 12 Part III.

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               Am/Can Ch Malpsh The Duke of Erle
          Fair Play of Sea Isle ROM
               Ch Kawartha's Fair Game ROM
     Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM
               Ch Sea Isle Serenade ROM
          Am/Can/Ber Ch Sea Isle Rhapsody of Halstor
               Am/Can Ch Colvidale Soliloquy
Ch Banchory the Cornerstone CD ROM
               Ch Philidove Heir Presumptive ROM
          Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM
               Tiree Hall Solo's High-Lite
     Banchory High Glow
               Ch Banchory Royal Heritage CD
          Banchory All-A-Glow
               Briarwood Bells-A-Ringing

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Producing Record of Ch Banchory the Cornerstone ROM

1. Ch Banchory The Linebacker (D) (ex Banchory Simply Elegant 10-71)
2. Ch Elrene The Duke of Wilsons (D) (ex Elrene's Jobelle My Love CD 10-80)
3. Ch Fairwyn's Gentle Touch (B) (ex Starfleet's Ever Glowin' Ember 11-80)
4. Ch Fairwyn's Striking Force (D) (ex Starfleet's Ever Glowin' Ember 11-80)
5. Ch Happy Glen's Starting Stone (B) (ex Shanassy Flicker O'Flame CD 12-73)
6. Ch Robinaire Billy Boulder (D) (ex Scotchguard Robinaire Kelly 11-78)
7. Ch Robinaire Kelly's Shadow (B) (ex Scotchguard Robinaire Kelly 11-78)
8. Ch Sonrisa Singin' In The Rain CD (D) (ex Ch Maramet Summer Rain CDX 8 77)
9. Ch Sundawn's Shawnee Sandstone (D) (ex Gloriat's Showlady Sundawn 11 78)
10. Ch Tull E Ho's Terra Cotta (B) (ex Ch Tull E Ho's Tender Trap 5-76)
11. Ch Walshon's Cody of Sunara (D) (ex Romping Sunara 9-74)
a. Can Ch Banchory Birth Right ROMC D (22 Can Chs)

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