ROM Sires, C-D

Ch Cahaba's Touch The Wind ROM (Ch Lingard Centurion O'Cahaba ROM x Cahaba Marcia's Majesty). 11 Champions. Sable/white, 4/18/76. Inbreeding coefficient 35%.

Ch Caitlin's Blaze 'n Chariots ROM (Primo Chariots of Fire x Caitlin Summer Rose). Sable/White, 5/10/84. 16 Champions. Inbreeding coefficient 35%.

Ch Calcurt Luke ROM (Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM x Calcurt Black Angie). 22 Champions. Sable/white, 2/28/72. Inbreeding coefficient 26%.

Ch Chenterra Thunderation ROM (Chenterra Beauregard x Chenterra Commotion). 24 Champions including 1 ROM. Tricolor, 7/26/73. Inbreeding coefficient 41%.

Ch Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD ROM (Ch Diamond's Robert Bruce ROM x Julaine's Wood Mist O' Cherden). 35 Champions including 1 ROM. Tricolor, 11/9/68. Inbreeding coefficient 25%.

China Clipper O' Page's Hill ROM (Ch Mowgli ROM x Pandora O' Page's Hill). 10 Champions. Sable/white, 6/13/36. Inbreeding coefficient 51% probably strongly influenced by questionably high coefficient on Ch Mowgli ROM.

Ch Chisterling Florian ROM (Ch Astolat Future Emblem ROM x Lillegard Golden Charm). 17 Champions. Sable/white, 5/8/60. Inbreeding coefficient 27%.

Ch Chosen Jubilation CD ROM (Ch Macdega The Chosen CD x September's Highly Likely). 13 Champions. Sable/white, 5/8/76. Inbreeding coefficient 40%.

Ch Country Lane the Energizer ROM/ROMC (Ch Macdega Deniro ROM x Macdega Monterey). 10 Champions. Tricolor, 9/3/1989.

Ch Diamond's Robert Bruce ROM (Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM x Ch Diamond's Black Velvet). 22 Champions including 1 ROM. Sable/white, 7/11/64. Inbreeding coefficient 29%.

Ch Dorlane's Kings Ransome ROM ( Ch Beltane The Mutineer x Ch Lobo Dell Tangerine O' Dorlane ROM). 26 Champions including 1 ROM. Sable/white, 10/1/73. Inbreeding coefficient 29%.

Ch Dorlane's Touch of Class CD ROM (Ch Dorlane's Kings Ransome ROM x Dorlane's Windsong). 15 Champions including 2 ROMs. Sable/white, 3/20/76. Inbreeding coefficient 37%.

A/Ch Ch Duluta Fist Full of Dollars ROM (Cimmaron La Quest Marked Card x Duluta Chardonay). 18 Champions. Sable/white, 8/20/91. Inbreeding coefficient 34%.

Ch Dundee Amos Moses ROM (A/C Ch Dundee Famous Amos x Ch Fiego Star of Africa). 14 Champions. Tricolor, 1/15/90. Inbreeding coefficient 29%.

Ch Dundee Hullston Jambalaya ROM (Ch Dundee Amos Moses ROM x Hullston's All The Rage). 12 Champions. Blue merle, tan and white, 11/9/1991.

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