Almost ROM Sires

Top Producers without the ROM title:
These top producers did not actually earn the ROM title, as they sired fewer than 10 Champions. They did, however, sire ROM shelties as well as Champions, and the sum of the ROM and Champions titles they produced was 10 or more.

Ch Banchory Feel My Thunder (Ch Harvest Hills Final Word x Banchory Blue Moon) blk/white, 3/5/83. 9 Champions including 2 ROMs.

Ch Beltane The Mutineer (Ch Beltane The Buccaneer x Beltane Exemplar). Sable/white, 8/28/71. 9 Champions including 1 ROM.

Ch Carmylie Elusive Dream (Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM x Jomar Carmylie Love's Magic). 9 Champions including 1 ROM. Sable/white, 4/18/71.

Ch Harvest Hills Shoeshine Boy (A/C Ch Banchory Deep Purple ROM x Harvest Hill's Twilite Tear ROM) 9 Champions plus 1 non-Ch ROM. Black/White, 6/8/77.

Ch Kalandar Prince O'Page's Hill (Ch Mowgli ROM x Pandora O'Page's Hill). 8 Champions including 2 ROM's. Sable/white, 6/13/36.

Ch Larkspur's Finalist of Pocono (Ch Bil-Bo-Dot Blue Flag of Pocono ROM x Ch Larkspur of Pocono CDX ROM). 9 Champions including 1 ROM. Blue Merle/tan/white, 3/23/49.

A/C Ch Malpsh The Duke of Erle (Ch Sea Isle Serenade ROM x Sea Isle Dusky Belle). 9 Champions plus 1 non-Champion ROM. Sable/white, 12/24/61.

Ch Sheltieland Kiltie of Sea Isle (Ch Bogota Blaze x Ch Sheltieland Peg o' the Picts). 9 Champions including 2 ROM's and 1dam of (4 Champions plus 1 ROM) Sable/white, 12/19/47.

Ch Sunnybrook's Matchmaker (Ch Romayne's Sportin Life ROM x Sunnybrook Abby of Cindahope). 9 Champions including 2 ROM sires. Sable/White, 8/31/75.

Ch Timberidge Black Crusader (Timberidge Black Lancer x Timberidge Golden Phantasy). 9 Champions including 1 ROM. Tricolor, 4/26/51.

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