ROM Sires, S's

Ch Sea Isle Serenade ROM (A/C Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM x Ch Sea Isle Serenata). 29 Champions including 1 ROM plus 2 non-Champion ROM's. Sable/white, 3/22/56.

Ch Seacliff Special Effects ROM (Ch Fourwinds Light the Way ROM x Seacliff Limited Edition). 13 Champions. Sable/white, 5/20/88.

Ch September's Rainmaker ROM (Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM x Ch September's Lulu In Lace). 23 Champions including 2 ROM's plus 1 non Champion ROM. Sable/white, 6/27/72.

Ch September The Convincer ROM (Ch Halstor's Peter Pumpkin ROM x Ch September Silk Stockings). 15 Champions. Sable/white, 4/19/76.

Shadow Hill's Double Trouble ROM (Shadow Hill's Blue Dynamic x Ch Harvest Hill's Soft Spoken Blue). Homozygous merle, 16/30/80. 10 Champions.

Ch Shadypines The Elizabethian ROM (Banchory Reflection ROM x Ch Liz Bi Stonewall). 14 Champions. Blue merle/tan/white, 2/27/81

Shamont Ghost of a Chance ROM (Ch Macdega Proof Positive ROM x Shamont Touch of Blue). Homozygous merle, 12/2/81. 17 Champions.

Ch Shelt-E-Ain Reflection O'Knight ROM (Ch Shelt-E-Ain Black Knight x Shelt-E-Ain Lucky Penny). 14 Champions including 1 ROM. Tricolor, 6/4/50.

A/C Ch Sir Joshua of Winslow ROM (Ch Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM x Trefoil Dazzling Rose). 31 Champions including 1 ROM. Sable/white, 6/6/78.

Ch SumerSong Winter Shadows ROM (Ch Banchory Deep Purple ROM x SumerSong Kachina). 17 Champions. Blue Merle/white/tan, 12/21/79.

Ch Sundowner Mr. Bojangles CD ROM (Ch Tentagel David Copperfield x Ch Tentagel The Genie). 20 Champions including 1 ROM plus 1 non-Champion ROM. Tricolor, 7/17/71.

Ch Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM (Ch Sunnybrook's Matchmaker x Romayne's Close Encounter). 75 Champions including 5 ROMs. Sable/white, 9/29/79.

Ch Sunnybrook's Image Maker ROM (Ch Sunnybrook's Matchmaker x Romayne's Close Encounter). Sable/White, 9/3/82. 18 Champions.

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